It’s a time of innovation from Seoul to Malaga, in kitchens and taverns.

From large groups to start-ups, food codes are being reinvented. Today, we want everything: Proust’s madeleines delivered by drone, delicacies without gluten or additives, a calorie calculator necklace, eating in accordance with our microbiota and DNA, ordering our food via our avatar in the metaverse…

Innovation merges ideas, we make new with old, and old with new, so that the old doesn’t taste like old, and the new doesn’t smell like new. In short, we have never been so innovative since good ideas spread at the speed of 5G and avatars.

L’INNOVORE devours everything that is done, above, below. It sees everything, tastes, sorts, selects the best and folds into four million pixels to pack it into his bags and deliver it at the time of the e-dairy, at the doorstep of French or Korean creatives. And since there are no more seasons to renew, test ideas, every day, L’INNOVORE sends wood to set fire to the stoves.


The most complex economic system in the world, with more than 7.7 billion people to be fed several times a day, and 10 billion by 2050, food is at the heart of many various of issues, and its transformation has been precipitated by the pandemic crisis.


Every day we identify and decipher movements, innovations, technologies, products… which are the strong or weak signals of the evolutions of our professional markets.

Products & also...

Generations Alpha, Z, Y.., demographic evolution, ecology, energy, climate, globalization or reterritorialization, purchasing power evolution, proximity, local, organic, vegetalization, novel food, entomophagy, blockchain, traceability, healthization of food, robotization, data, artificial intelligence, delivery, metaverse, online sales, omnichannel, cashless, contactless and user-friendliness… everything is linked and L’INNOVORE® analyzes all innovation movements.


Since food is at the very essence of life, because thinking alone impoverishes, L’INNOVORE® federates through collective intelligence a group of contributors from all horizons, whose expertise enriches the global vision of the challenges of the 5th Food Transition, linked to the 4th Industrial Revolution.


L’INNOVORE® is phygital, physical and digital.

Its core business: deploying innovation on the French and Korean BtoC & BtoB markets, via a Box (France), a Bag (South Korea), Ebook

L’INNOVORE® also organize think tanks, running webinars, manage innovation committees, adapte products and offers for tomorrow, imagine publications and e-books, drive collective intelligence on innovation, bringing together the major players in our businesses… 

Our expertise is wide-ranging and reinvents itself every day.

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