Pourquoi ?

Because restaurant owners have neither the time to do this monitoring, nor the time to ask for products to be tested, the box enhances their profession.

Comment ?

Sent to networks of restaurateursand independents operators, the box is accompanied by digital communication before, during and after (satisfaction questionnaire and ranking of preferred innovations).

95% satisfaction rate

A satisfaction survey measures the general and detailed appreciation of the box, as well as the 3 favorite products in the box.

The network

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The Innovations

The promotion of their products and the survey sent post-shipment, offer brands modern visibility and a direct link to their target (without the interface of a distributor).

Examples of operations

By financing a box intended for all the Campanile hotels of the Louvre Hôtel group, Heinken, which is included the central purchasing group, wants to give each hotel an original customer experience, bring its products to life, introduce a new product and increase the brand's overall sales. Results 300% sales growth on the new product presented and +5% volume growth on the brand’s other products.
Operation was repeated.

Fresh, frozen or bulky products are presented in the boxes in a playful way for access tosample.The The return rate is, according to the operations, from 18 to 25%, positioning the brand in direct link with the restaurant owner or the baker.



satisfaction rate

"A great idea to exchange with the teams! A real moment of pleasure that is much appreciated!"

"Super nice packaging, trendy and pleasant color, the two eyes that hint at a surprise, and we love surprises!"

"A sensory discovery (see, touch, taste) without having to go anywhere"

"It's the first time I've received innovations like this. It's very innovative."

"A generous approach"

"Receiving samples gives you ideas"

"An interesting approach: multiple products grouped together in a single shipment"

"Saving time to discover new products"

"A sensory discovery (see, touch, taste) without having to go anywhere"

Verbatim account from post-operation online surveys

In charge of EquipHotel's
innovation center and competition

330 applications,
63 innovations selected,
4 winners and 1 "Coup de Coeur”

Under the presidency of Thierry Marx